A well ventilated & copious shop with 4500 sq.ft. area plus 2000 sq.ft. area for office constitute the state of the art infrastructure of Mechnokrat Engineering Systems Pvt. Ltd. Our skilled and experienced workforce is engaged in manufacturing the best products.

The company is equipped with latest manufacturing machinery like SIP-Jig Boring Machine, VMC-OKK, Tool Room MITR Machine, Tool Room, Radial Drilling Machine, Surface Grinding, Cylindrical Grinding, Centre Lathes, Lapping Machine, Welding, Hand Tools, Tool Grinders, Hand Drill, Tapping Attachments, etc. These are handled by the most experienced engineers and technocrats who are the real assets of the company. High emphasis is on Research and Development for future growth.

Manufacturing Facilities:
SIP-Jig Boring m/c 1 No.
VMC-OKK-Japan with 30 Tools 1 No.
Tool Room MITR m/c with DRO 2 No.
Tool Room Vergo Milling m/c DRO 1 No.
Milling m/cs   
  a. HMT FN2 1 No.
  b. WmW 1 No.
  c. BFW material 1 No.
Radial Drilling m/c 4 No.
Surface Grinding   
  a. BLOHM - 900 X 300 1 No.
  b. TOSS - 600 X 200 1 No.
  c. Jones Shipman - 450 X 150
Cylindrical Grinding HMT 1 No.
Centre Lathes 3 No.
Lapping m/c 1 No.

All other allied equipment like welding, hand tools, tool grinders, hand drill, tapping attachments etc. for maintenance & general smooth running of shop.

  Testing Facilities:  

Since our aim is to establish a good reliable TOOL ROOM, to mainly cater to the various requirements of our customers regarding tooling, jigs / fixtures, SPM's mould dies and other room requirements, we have been always upgrading our inspection and quality control facilities to improve quality control standards.

We also have a good standard inspection room where mechanical properties like dimensions; surface finish hardness etc. can be checked to the highest level of accuracy and reliability.

TRIMOS - height / co-ordinate measuring - electronic 805 mm.
Verniers up to 18"
Micrometers up to 12"
Ht. Verniers up to 18"
Inside micrometers up to 12"
Bore gauges up to 12"
Depth Verniers up to 8"
Dial Verniers up to 12"
Sine bars
Slip guage box
Surface plates    
  Granite 1600 * 1000- 1 No.
  Granite 1000 * 1000- 1 No.
  C.I 1000 * 1000- 1 No.
  C.I 900 * 600- 1 No.
Trimos mechanical
Miscellaneous instruments like feeler gauges, thread gauges etc.
Hardness Tester.
Sine Center etc.