Electric Chain Hoist - as own standard product  
Features :
Unique chain guide design ensure smooth running of chain.
Sufficient fins on motor body avoids over heating of motor.
Chain collector to avoid hanging of chain.
Creep speed available for careful handling.
Motor insulated with F class.
Easy access to brake adjustment.
All electric chain hoists are to production checks at every stage.
Suitable jibcrane available for max 360 0 rotation from 125 Kg to 1000 Kg capacity.
The final inspection includes operational, functional & load testing.
Applications :

These hoist serves almost every automotive works, founderies, food, processing plants, garages, suger factories, farms, heat treatment.

To load \ un load heavy job on machine tools.

Material handling by mounting hoist on jib cranes, overhead travelling cranes, monorials and contour tracks.

Most useful for CNC machines.
 Model type: DP SWL 1000 KG
Model type: SK SWL 125 KG
Model type: SWL 500 KG
Model type: SK SWL 250 KG
Model type: SWL 125 KG
Push pull Trolley 125/250 KG
Push pull Trolley 500/1000 KG
Motorised Trolley
Motorised Trolley with brake